English II Natural World Research Paper

Here is the prompt sheet for the Natural World Research Paper. You can also find this by going to the Collections tab and going to Collection 2 and there is a link there as well.

Here is a link to an outline format that can help. You can copy and paste it into a new Google Docs document to help you with filling out the outline. You don’t have to use complete sentences for everything, but you do need to help yourself flesh out your ideas.

Here is a link to a Common Language Handout to discuss the parts and pieces for each paragraph and an explanation of each. Use this as a guideline for your outline and drafts. Be sure to follow the TEAL format closely throughout.

Here is the list of the ways humans affect the natural world that we came up with in each class.

Here is how to access the library databases (if you’re at home — you need the bookmark):

  1. Go to hhs.helenaschools.org
    1. Click on “Library”
    2. Click on “Student Resources”
    3. Click on “Science in Context”
  2. Begin doing research using ideas we came up with as a class
  3. Remember to search for one positive AND one negative

Sample thesis statement: Despite conservation efforts, humans negatively impact the natural world by merely taking what benefits them.

The above thesis statement:

  1. Has a tension word (Despite)
  2. Acknowledges the other side (mentions positive impact with conservation efforts)
  3. Clearly indicates side of argument (human impact is negative – people just take what they want)

Here is the link for the Natural World Research Self-Checklist. Use this to go over your paper before submitting your final draft to make sure that you have all of the necessary parts and pieces, and correct formatting.

Here is a copy of the Citation Presentation (thanks to the librarians) that will help guide you with the Works Cited page and in-text citations. Also, be sure to use the Research Guidebook to help you with it as well.

TED Talk link — Use this in case you need to access the TED talk again, especially for your citation.

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