Everyday Words Vocabulary

Here is a list of the bases and their meanings from each lesson.

Lesson 1
BENE- well, good
FAC (FIC), FACT (FECT) (FY)- to do, to make
LOQUI, LOCUT- to speak
MAGN- great
MULT- many
PLIC, PLICIT, PLEX (PLY)- to fold, to tangle
RECT(I)- right, straight
SACR (SECR) (ECR)- sacred, holy
SPEC (SPIC), SPECT- to look
TURB- to disturb
UND (OUND)- wave
VOL- to wish

Lesson 1 Derivative Review

Lesson 2
AQU(A)- Water
ART(ERT)- Art;skill;craft
DIC(T)- To say
DUC(T)- To lead
EQU- Equal;Even
NUL(L)- Nothing
POT- to have power
PUNG, PUNCT, (POIGN), (PUG)- to prick, to point
SEQU, SECUT- to follow
SIMIL, SIMUL- like, same
TEMPOR- time
VERB- word, verb

Lesson 2 Derivative Review

Lesson 3
ANIM- mind, feeling, life, heart
GRAND- great
GREG- flock, herd
JUR- to swear, law
LEG (LIG), LECT (LIT)- to choose, to gather
MUT- to change
PED- foot
PURG- to clear
SENT, SENS- to feel, to think
TENU- thin
VI- way, road

Lesson 3 Derivative Review

Lesson 4
UN(I)- one
BI(N)- two
DU- two
TRI- three
TERTI- third
QUADR(U)- four
QUART- fourth
QUINT- fifth
SEX(T)- six; sixth
SEPTIM- seventh
OCT- eight
OCTAV- eighth
NOVEM- nine
DECEM- ten
DECI, DECIM- tenth
CENT- hundred
MIL(L)- thousand

Lesson 4 Derivative Review

Lesson 5
ANN(U), ENN(I)- year
CED, CESS- to go, to yield
CORD- heart
FLOR- flower
FUND, FUS, (FOUND)- to pour, to melt
GRAD, GRESS- to step, to go
SANCT- holy, sacred
SOL- alone
TEN (TIN), TENT (TAIN)- to hold
VID, VIS- to see
VOC- voice, to call

Lesson 5 Derivative Review

Lesson 6
CLAM (CLAIM)- to cry out
FER- to bear, to carry
LEV- to lift, light (in weight)
LUD, LUS- to play, to mock
MISC- to mix
MORT- death
OMN(I)- all
SEMI- half; partly
SEN- old
STRING, STRICT (STRAIN)- to draw tight
TORQU, TORT- to twist
VERT, VERS- to turn

Lesson 6 Derivative Review

Lesson 7
CID, CIS- to cut, to kill
FID; FIDEL- faith, faithful
FIN- end; limit
LINE- line
LITER- letter; literature
LUMIN- light; to shine
PART (PORT)- part, share
PREC- prayer
VIV; VIT- life
TERMIN- boundary, end
VER- true
VEST- garment

Lesson 7 Derivative Review

Lesson 8
BEL(L)- war
DOC, DOCT- to teach
FERV- to boil, to bubble
GER, GEST- to carry, to produce
GRAV- heavy
HOM, HOMO- man
MATR, MATERN- mother
MOLL- mild, soft
PATR, PATERN- father
PEND, PENS- to hang, to weight, to pay
SOROR- sister

Lesson 8 Derivative Review

Lesson 9
AUD, AUDIT- to hear
FLU, FLUX- to flow
FORM- form, shape
GEN, GENER, GENIT- race, kind, to produce
JAC, JECT- to throw
MAN(U), (MAIN)- hand
PORT- to carry, port
REX, REG- king, royal
VAL, VAIL- to be strong, to be worthy
VINC, VICT (VANQU)- to conquer

Lesson 9 Derivative Review

Lesson 10
AG, ACT(IG)- to do; to drive
AM- to love
ERR- to wander
FIRM- firm, strong
FLECT, FLEX- to bend
LING(U)- tongue; language
MIT(T), MIS(S)- to send
ODOR- smell
PLAC- to please, to appease
PRIM- first
TANG (TING), TACT (TAG)- to touch

Lesson 10 Derivative Review

Lesson 11
CLUD, CLUS (CLOS)- to close
CRUC- cross
CUR(E)- care
MILIT- soldier
NAV- ship, boat
NOMEN, NOMIN (NOM)- name; noun
PON, POSIT (POSE) (POUND)- to place, to put
PROL- offspring
SPIR (SPRIT)- to breathe
STRU, STRUCT- to build
TRUD, TRUS- to push, to thrust
VULG- common

Lesson 11 Derivative Review

Lesson 12
AC(U), ACR- sharp
CAP (CIP), CAPT (CEPT)- to take, to seize
CRED, CREDIT- to believe, to trust
CUR(R), CURS (COURS)- to run, to go
DE, DIV- a god
NUNCI (NOUNCE)- to announce
PLEN- full
PRESS- to press
SCRIB, SCRIPT- to write
SOLV, SOLUT- to loosen, free
SON- sound
VOR- to devour

Lesson 12 Derivative Review

Lesson 13
CULP- blame, fault
EVAL- ages
FA, FAT- to speak
FORT- strong
GRAT- grateful, pleasing
LATER- side
MESN (MEST)- month
MINOR, MINUS, MINUT- small; smaller
PROB (PROV)- good; to test
SED (SID) (SE), SESS (SIEGE)- to sit, to settle
TRACT (TREAT)- to drag, to draw
VEN, VENT- to come

Lesson 13 Derivative Review

Lesson 14
ALIEN- of another
CELER- swift
CUMB, CUB- to lie down
FIX- to fix, to fasten
HERB- grass, herb
MEDI- middle
PECUNI- money
SATI(S)-  enough
SEC (SEG), SECT- to cut
VIR- poison

Lesson 14 Derivative Review

Lesson 15
CARN- flesh
MON, MONIT- to warn; to advise
MOV, MOT (MOB)- to move
OC- eye
ORD, ORDIN- order
PER(L), PULS- to drive; to push
PROPRI- one’s own; fitting
SAL (SIL), SALT (SULT) (SAIL)- to leap
SCI- to know
TERR- land
TRIT (TRI)- to rub; to wear
VIV, VIT- to live

Lesson 15 Derivative Review