Fahrenheit 451

F451        Book_Burning_ComicFahrenheit 451 Reading Schedule

  • Use this document to aid you if you missed any of the reading to get caught up, as a refresher to cover what we read in class if you were confused, or as a reminder of how far we read each day.

Fahrenheit 451 YouTube Links – We are using these links in class to listen to a reading of the novel. I found these on YouTube and am not responsible for whether or not the links are kept up. They are meant to be a resource.

  • Whole Novel
    • Part 1 – The Hearth and the Salamander
    • Part 2 – The Sieve and the Sand
    • Part 3 – Burning Bright

Fahrenheit 451 – Notes and Other Media

Fahrenheit 451 Paper Components

  • F451 Prompt Sheet  – This is a compare and contrast piece.
  • F451 Pre-Write Graphic Organizer – Use this to help organize your points, evidence, and thoughts. It is just a skeleton organizer; you will need to add analysis to your paragraphs when you write your paper.
  • F451 Peer Review Checklist – This is a checklist to use as a guideline to go over and help your partner improve his/her paper. Read and follow the directions closely