The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

True Diary Chapter Titles List РSince the book does not have chapter numbers, here is a list of each chapter title and its corresponding number.

True Diary Reading Schedule – Use this to keep up with the reading and make sure you are ready for the reading quizzes.

True Diary Packet — If you lose your copy of the packet, be sure to print this off so you can keep up with the activities that we will work on for this.

True Diary Timed Write – Students will be given a timed write for the essay connected to this piece. Students will have time in class to develop a quick outline and write their essay responding to the prompt. Students will then have the opportunity to revise their papers before submitting their final drafts.


Family Treasures Interview Project РThis is a project where students will interview an older family member (parent or older). It gives students an opportunity to connect with and learn more about their family members. It connects with True Diary because Junior is working to find his place in the world, and his family plays a major role in his life.

How to Interview — Here is a guideline with some reminders on how to interview someone and what types of things to keep in mind during the process.

Family Treasures Interview — Here are the interview questions to use to interview your older relative. Use these questions to guide your body paragraphs for your paper. You will also need to ask at least 5 additional questions that you create on your own.

Family Treasures Prompt Sheet — Here is the prompt sheet for the informational narrative that you’ll be writing.

Family Treasures Peer Review Checklist – Students need to use this checklist to complete Peer Reviews on at least three (3) of their peers’ papers.