Colonials / Puritans

Here is the link to the Prezi presentation on the Puritans:

American Literature – Intro to Colonial Period

Guided notes for American Literature – Intro to Colonial Period

William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation:

  • In Collections textbook, read through the following:
    • Exploration and Settlement (pgs. 3-4)
    • from Of Plymouth Plantation (pgs. 5-18)
  • Literary Devices used in Bradford’s piece
    • Find two (2) examples of each literary device covered
    • Accurately quote and cite your evidence – ex: “QUOTE” (Bradford 6)
    • For Litotes:
      • Explain what is being ironically understated; re-write to make more direct
    • For Passive Voice:
      • Re-write in active voice
    • For Allusion:
      • Identify what is being alluded to and why it is an appropriate allusion
  • Performance Task — Pg. 20 in Collections
    •  Writing Activity: Journal Entry and Letter — Bradford’s account describes how the Pilgrims adapted to life in New England. Explore that experience in two brief writing tasks.
      • Choose one event that Bradford describes and write a journal entry in the character of one of the other English participants in the event. Consider how a personal journal might be different from Bradford’s narrative written for publication.
      • In the character of one of the Pilgrims who survived the first year in New England, write a letter to someone back in England describing your current situation and how it has improved.
    • Base both pieces of writing on details from the text to create a coherent narrative. As much as possible, mirror the seventeenth-century style that Bradford uses.
    • Pre-write — For each entry (journal and letter) create a quick pre-write (outline, bubble, etc) to provide yourself a guide with what you want to include
    • Using Chrome Book and Google Docs – work on Performance Task (pg. 20)
      1. Personal Journal entry – bare minimum is a strong 7 sentence paragraph (I recommend doing more)
      2. Personal Letter – Needs to be roughly one page
      3. Times New Roman – 12 point font
      4. Double-spaced
      5. Can be in same document

Jonathan Edwards’ “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”:

  • Handout for Sermon
  • Guiding Questions (1-6)
    • Answer on separate sheet of paper
    • Answer in complete sentences
  • Drawing Activity
    • Find strongest image from the piece
    • On separate sheet of blank computer paper (piece of white paper)
    • Draw image (may use color if would like)
    • On back describe what makes it strong image

John Smith’s from The General History of  Virginia:

  • Access and read piece on online textbook (
  •  Found under Collection 1: Coming to America (under Contents)

Puritans Influence Paper

  • Paper description – This provides you with the prompt and the instructions for the paper.
  • Paper Outline Example – Also see under “Reading and Writing Tools” for a handout courtesy of Ms. Clark that can also assist with Compare and Contrast.
  • Paper Self-Checklist – Use this first to look over your own paper and see if you have the cleanest copy possible before you move on to Peer Reviews. Copy and paste it to the bottom of your paper and complete.
  • Paper  Peer Review Checklist – Use this once you are ready to move forward and begin doing Peer Reviews on fellow classmates’ papers. Copy and paste the chart, (and put your name on it) at the bottom of the person’s paper you’re reviewing. Complete the chart and appropriate questions.