Revolution / Age of Enlightenment and Reason

Declaration of Independence (Collections textbook pages 109-116: Includes background information)

Logos, Pathos, Ethos Notes (Handout to help with the three argumentative rhetorical elements)


  1. Break up into small groups of three (continue from yesterday)
    1. Go through Declaration of Independence
    2. Two groups need to go through and find elements of logos
    3. Two groups need to go through and find elements of ethos
    4. Two groups need to go through and find elements of pathos
  2. Groups come together and talk about examples – come up with presentation (Logos groups / Pathos Groups / Ethos Groups)

“Preamble” and Bill of Rights Activities and Packet

  • School of Rock Preamble Song
  • Bill of Rights Activities and Packet
  • “For What It’s Worth” Song
    1. Read historical background for song (page 2 in packet)
    2. Listen to the song
    3. Answer the following questions about the song, directly on the lyrics sheet (page 3)
      1. What do you think this song is about – i.e. what’s going on? (Hint: You may incorporate background information into your answer).
      2. Analyze each stanza of the song, and identify the rights or freedoms that are related to each verse.
      3. What do you think is the overall message of the songwriter?
      4. How does “For What It’s Worth” relate to the Bill of Rights?
  • The Bill of Rights Chart
    1. Go through Bill of Rights (located in Collections textbook on pages 122-123)
    2. Find the essence of each amendment and write that down in corresponding box
    3. Be sure to fill out the entire chart
  • “Making Connections: The Bill of Rights in Art”
    1. Follow directions provided
    2. Fill out charts associated with each piece of art
    3. Be specific and use complete sentences
  • “Bill of Rights Scavenger Hunt”
    1. Read through each scenario
    2. Decide whether each scenario is protected by the Constitution or not
    3. Provide amendment that scenario refers to and cite specific text from it that supports or disputes the action
  • Articles at the end (Extra Credit Opportunity)
    1. Read through each article
    2. Answer the questions provided at the end (write directly on sheet)
    3. Answer questions in complete sentences
    4. You can earn up to 5 points extra credit on each article (depending on how well you do)

Independent Rights Argumentative Paper

  • Independent Rights Prompt Sheet – This provides you with the paper assignment sheet and instructs you on what you’ll be addressing with this paper.
  • Argumentative Organizer – This is the graphic organizer that you need to fill out as you do your research and begin working on your paper.
  • List of Database Sources – The librarians put together a list of three databases (from the school library website) to find strong information. They went through and suggested topics to search within each one to find relevant information for your topic.
  • Independent Rights Self-Checklist – This will help provide you with a guide to make sure you have all of the necessary elements and to double-check before submitting your final draft.